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A trusted name is one of India's reputed manufacturer and exporter of leather khuffain, leather gloves, leather purse, leather jacket, leather shoes and sandals. A part from it we are capable to meet your any other leather products requirement. Azad footwear is delivering high class leather products from year 1986  from the place in India named Kanpur which is well known for producing high quality leather products.Halal leather is used to manufacture KHUFFAIN.
It is the vision of Prop. Md. Isa khan which has made a renowned name in international market. At present, we are well established in the market of England, Germany, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Russia etc.

Infrastructure :
Our infrastructure is facilitative, strengthening and supportive. Alongside, we have highly trained workers. To go with that ,  we are also equipped with capacious warehouses that facilitate storage of voluminous stock to meet all kinds of demand eventualities.

Our Expertise :
As a customer focused enterprise, we continually upgrade ourselves to ensure that we are in the forefront in our domain. By focusing on research and development, aligned with additions in existing production capacity at appropriate times . With a team of highly dedicated and talented professionals, we have been able to achieve the highest standards of quality and offer our products at very competitive prices. Our profit mainly comes from our satisfactory service based on the long term and strategic partnership with our customers.

As a company, we believe in goodwill .We are price competitive and equally faster in delivery. You can import all your range of leather products such as KHUFFAIN, leather purses,Jackets,belts and other laether products at very sharp price, if you are currently sourcing from India, and are looking for the best, try once with AZAD and feel the difference. Our quality and timely delivery are excellent and all our professional services built up our goodwill in the global market.

Quality :
Style is as important as quality is significant. All our products are subject to in-house scrutiny for multiple times. The scrutiny begins from the reception of the raw materials. The raw materials procured from outside are checked thoroughly by the experts to determine the parity between their quality standards and ours. Ones cleared, the raw materials are adopted for manufacturing. The manufacturing process is  very closely watched by professionals. The process is divided into several halves for the pupose of better monitoring. The products matching the quality criteria in a given stage of development graduate to the succeeding stage. Thus we ensure minimization in possibility of lapses in quality surveillance process.




For Further Information about the MASA-LAHS of MASAH, please contact your Ulema.