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Dr Zakir Naik Answers 2012 Molna Tariq Jameel baya

zakir says i never read any hadith in which intended to go for 40 days or so on........... i ask from him i never read any hadith to see the program of zakir on peace tv or follow him ....... can you give referrence of any? hadith..... (ASTAGHFIRULLAH) hey brother..... we are muslim simple ... let create unity among us.... this is only the solution

Tariq Jameel & Mumtaz ul Haq Of Tableeghi Jamaat A

your prob the same munafiq shaytan to worships yoru kaafir masters king abdulshaytan of saudi. maybe you should listen to what imam awlaki (shaheed) says abt the murtad leaders or do you only? pick and choose what parts of shaikh awlaki (ra) lectures you want to upload. may Allah guide if not curse you ameen

Everything U Need to KNOW 'NASA Confirmed Islam is